With You

With You

January 6, 2015


I thought we had forever.

But I guess that wasn’t true.

And I will never trade,

The time I’ve spent with you.


The times when your hand

Was clasped firmly in mine.

Laughing at the Apple grass,

Watching cars flying by.


Laughing at your jokes

That came out when you spoke.

The never ending fountain,

Of knowledge to impart.


And running.


Running so fast it’s hard to breathe.

Running so hard I can’t feel my feet.

Flying down streets and foreign corridors.

Heart pounding,

And head screaming for more.


But knowing no matter what,

When I reached the end.

I wouldn’t have to look back for you,

My friend.


You’d be by my side the whole time.

Laughing, your feet pounding in time with mine.

But for now I will have to let go.

And this isn’t forever I know.


No matter what it takes.

How many times my heart breaks.

Just know.

I will never let you go.


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