I wish I could be there to hold your hand.

I wish we could finally go and see that band.

And I’m sorry we didn’t,

And I know you tried.

But here I am,

Stuck on the other side.


The Howling.

The Void.

Some call it Hell.

They separate us now.

All because I fell.


And honestly I don’t know if it’s not just me,

Even with my family.

I’m so alone, here in this place.

I just wish I could see your face.

To hear that sentence,

Finally end.

And know that we don’t have to pretend.


That our hands find each other with conscious thought.

That we wouldn’t forgive each other when we fought.

That we didn’t yearn for even more,

Our hearts and brains in a silent war.


I wish for those days of not-so ignorant bliss.

All of those, “we almost kissed.”

But they are gone, that’s what you said.

And now we don’t have to pretend.


We know how that sentence was going to end.


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