The past is another place,

It’s history, not today.

The day she was taken,

So cruelly torn away.


Her heart was broken,

Yours times two.

But she didn’t give up,

Kept searching for you.


Doing the impossible.

Proving you wrong.

But soon, you knew,

Was the ending of your song.


You sent her away,

From that time and place.

You sent her away,

Into another’s embrace.


Now your both broken,

Because of words that were never spoken.

And there she is,

Across the divide.


But never again to coincide.


So now you wander,

These empty halls.

The silence echoing,

As your footsteps fall.




For one more smile.

One more laugh.

But not in the future,

But soon in your past.


June 17th, 2015


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